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Formed in 2010, Nonstop Bailbonds is the youngest, fastest growing, and best bail bonds company serving the Harris County and Houston areas. Our company prides itself on having excellent customer service, 24 hour assistance, and fast approvals. At Nonstop Bailbonds, we have more than 10 years of experience finding our customers the best bail bond for their individual needs. We understand that having a loved one in jail can be a harrowing experience, but we are hare to help bond your loved one out of jail as fast as possible, as quickly as possible, and as affordably as possible. We are conveniently located 5 minutes from downtown Houston, and with our mobile bail bonding service we can get to your loved one quickly. At Nonstop Bailbonds, there is no bond too small or too large that we can’t handle!

Our main priority at Nonstop Bailbonds is to put our clients first. This means providing the best bonding solution with quality service. We build relationships with our clients that extended far beyond just being a bonding agent. Additionally, we at Nonstop Bailbonds encourage rehabilitation. This includes meeting with our clients face to face in order to evaluate how we can assist them while on bond and once they have been removed.

The best bonds & experience

Nonstop Bailbonds firmly believes that every client is innocent until proven guilty. We are available 24 hours a day to please our clients and offer the best bail bonds in order to get their friends, family, and loved ones out of jail. An experience with Nonstop Bailbonds is truly unforgettable: “While you are here, we will treat you like family…”.

Get a Bail Bond with No Collateral!

Bail Bonds are what we do best. Find out how Nonstop Bailbonds can get your loved one out of jail with as low as 40% down!

Why Us

24 Hour Service

Life happens 24 hours a day, so Nonstop Bailbonds is available for you 24 hours a day.  Our hours ensure that you can count on us to provide the best bail bonds to our customers at all times.

Mobile Service

Nonstop Bailbonds understands that sometimes you may be far from home when trouble arrises. With our Mobile Service, we can come to you…even if you’re already in jail!

Fast Approvals

With matters of the law, you have to act fast. We understand that every minute counts, and that’s why we can get you approved for your bond in less than 15 minutes!


…It was the best experience ever while being on bond…Satisfied Customer
They treated me like family. They treated me with respect…Satisfied Customer


The cost of bail varies based on criminal, city warrants or Justice of the Peace warrants.
Collateral is property that Nonstop Bailbonds will only ask if necessary. If you have a concern that collateral might be needed it is best to speak directly with an agent at Nonstop Bailbonds.
Collateral is anything that is equal to or close to the value of a bond. Some examples of collateral are: Cash, House, Car Titles, Checks. If you have any additional questions, please speak with an agent at Nonstop Bailbonds.
The police officer making the arrest is required without unnecessary delay, but no later than 48 hours after the arrest, to take the person arrested before a magistrate. The magistrate is required to inform the person arrested of:

1. The accusation against the person arrested and of any affidavit filed therewith.
2. The right to hire an attorney.
3. The right to remain silent.
4. The right to have an attorney present during questioning by law enforcement or a prosecuting attorney.
5. The right to end the questioning at any time.
6. The right to request a court appointed attorney, if the person arrested is indigent or cannot afford to hire an attorney.

If the client does not appear in court, the court will issue a warrant out for his/her arrest and will notify the bond company of the failure to appear. We will assist you (Co-Surety) in either reinstating the bail bond with the court or surrendering the person back to custody. If we are unsuccessful, the court will demand the full fee of the bond plus court costs.
A cosigner is the person that is going to be responsible for the actual defendant to go to court, check in, and make payments. If the defendant fails to comply then the cosigner is going to be responsible. Bail bond companies are like banks; we loan the client money (the bond) in order to get out of jail, and in return you pay the premium. Cosigning for a bond is the same as cosigning for a car.

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