Waco police bullets hit bikers in Twin Peaks melee

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — Evidence reviewed by The Associated Press confirms that police bullets hit bikers in the deadly shootout involving two rival motorcycle clubs that clashed last spring outside a Waco restaurant, though it isn’t clear whether those rifle shots caused any of the nine fatalities. The evidence, which is expected to be presented to a grand jury, includes video footage of people fleeing the scene while shots ring out, audio of police threatening to shoot people if they rise from the ground and photos of bodies lying in pools of blood in the restaurant parking lot. Many witnesses, including bikers involved in the brawl and waitresses at the Twin Peaks restaurant, told police that the shooting began after a Bandido rider hit a prospective member of the Cossacks with his motorcycle, according to the evidence. According to the incident report, a separate Waco police investigation into the police shootings is underway. District Attorney Abel Reyna and his staff told authorities at the convention center that anyone wearing a patch, clothing or insignia that indicated support for the Bandidos or Cossacks should be charged with engaging in organized crime, according to the report.

Reports: Perry super PACs return millions

According to Politico.com, a Washington political news site, Deason’s son said he had asked for his money back to consider using it to back another candidate.

Since Perry withdrew, various reports have stated that Perry’s large donors are being inten…

City assists families at rundown complex

Mayor Annise Parker said the city will pay the utility bill for more than 100 families who have been without power for a week at a rundown apartment in south Houston. The city will pursue criminal charges against the owner for allegedly violating env…