Train explosion leads to chemical release in downtown Houston

Houston Independent School District board member Diana Dávila had just finished watching the Rockets playoff game with her family when they heard the loud boom. Air Alliance Houston is backing a bill in the state legislature to create a system of push alerts to mobile phones during any chemical incident that would “substantially endanger human health or the environment.” Federal regulations require companies to report toxic releases over certain amounts to the appropriate agency but do not mandate immediate public disclosure in an emergency. A Houston Chronicle investigation last year found that city officials have no idea what’s being transported through Houston, as no government agency tracks what’s coming and going on the highways and rails. When rail companies do move hazardous materials, they are under no obligation to notify authorities.

ICE raids net 95 immigrants in Houston region

Immigration agents in Houston last week arrested 95 immigrants here illegally – 86 percent with prior criminal convictions – in the region’s first targeted operation under the Donald Trump administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials …