Latino voters surge to the polls, but didn’t help Clinton

When she filed into the voting booth in south Houston last week, she decided to send a clear message, checking straight-ticket Democratic.

Even though we’re not Mexican.

Because when he says Mexican, he’s talking about all Hispanics.


Gunned down student identified

The high school senior was one of two students hit in an apparent drive-by shooting Monday near the Houston CAN Academy, according to authorities.

“Adrian Castillo has been a student at the Houston CAN Academy Southwest for a month now, and in such a…

Fall allergies persist as weather stays warm – but the end may be near

[…] sufferers can fight back against their itchy eyes, runny noses, and cacophony of coughs and sneezes.

While Corry and Villareal said the current “heavy” counts of 45-60 ragweed spores per cubic meter of air are not extraordinary for this time of year, the long ragweed season owes partly to the year’s high rainfall levels – such as the flooding around Tax Day and Memorial Day – as well as the unusually warm fall, which has seen October temperatures pushing the mercury toward record highs.

[…] while recent ragweed levels are not off the charts, Texas Children’s Hospital allergist Dr. Carla Davis said the Houston region’s humidity and elevated air pollution can intensify allergens’ effect so that a pollen count of 60 here might affect sufferers more than the same count elsewhere.

The antihistamine keeps your body’s infection-fighting cells from releasing histamines, which bring on allergy symptoms to fight pollen or other allergens they perceive as threats.

Dr. Dat Tran, an allergist at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth who practices at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, also recommended a saline sinus rinse that washes away irritants and allergens – like a shower for your nose.